KneeMD™ is earning accolades from top physicians, physical therapists, professional athletes and people like you.

“KneeMD is an easy-to-use device that allows patients to effectively stretch and rotate their knee on their own without the assistance of a physical therapist.”

—Dr. Richard Steadman, Chairman Emeritus of The Steadman Clinic and Co-Chairman of the Steadman Philippon Research Institute, Knee Specialist

Clinical Trials

KneeMD entered clinical trials three years ago. Enrollment and testing for the clinical trial of KneeMD has reached its conclusion, and interim results show a clinically significant improvement is KOOS scores in patients that use KneeMD vs patients that do not.

Physical Therapists

“10 out of 10 physical therapists who have been introduced to and used KneeMD continue to use it because of its results. We’ve also seen an increase in physician referrals due to an increase in patient success.”
—Seth Kelson, DPT, Founder of American Fork Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Clinic and Utah Valley Physical Therapy Spine and Sports Medicine

“Patients are allowed full control of the stretching and mobilizing, therefore, they can appropriately adjust the intensity allowing for them to decrease overall guarding.”
—Laurie Griffin, Physical Therapist, Howard Head Sports Medicine

“Of all the apparatuses that are presently available to facilitate knee extension, I feel that KneeMD is far and away the best machine to facilitate extension in the clinic as well as in the home….  All of my patients who have (used it) would express the same feeling.”
—Brent Butler, Physical Therapist, Central Utah Clinic

“For patients who have undergone major knee surgeries, or other total knee replacements, KneeMD is a great tool to use at home as part of a HEP (home exercise program).”
—Luke O’Brien, Head of Physical Therapy, Howard Head Sports Medicine


“KneeMD™ has helped greatly with my rehab, as I can work on extension for extended periods of time at home and with less pain than (other devices). The ability to control the tension allows me to push harder than when allowing PT’s to manipulate, because I can control the pain.”
Christy H, Patient, Total Knee Replacement Surgery

“The KneeMD™ is a Blessing for anyone with an extension deficit.”
—Tristen G, Patient, long-time arthrofibrosis, many knee surgeries

“I did not have access to the KneeMD™ after my first procedure, but was delighted to have it for my 2nd knee replacement.  I was previously dependent on going to the PT offices or having a Physical Therapist come to my home, but with KneeMD™, I was able to push my therapy longer and harder on days that I was feeling better while also giving me the reassurance that if I couldn’t make it to my PT appointment for some reason, I had my KneeMD™ at home and could do my rehab program at any time right in the comfort of my own home. I found the KneeMD™ to be invaluable.”
—Julie B, Patient, total knee arthroplasty

“[KneeMD™ is the] most direct way to increase extension.”
—Ray K, Patient, knee surgery with range of motion deficit


“KneeMD helped me out tremendously when I had my knee surgery. It allowed me to get those last couple inches I wouldn’t have gotten on my own.”

—Chris Coghlan, Professional Baseball Player, 2009 NL Rookie of the Year


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* The clinical trial results are not final, and the actual effect of KneeMD on an individual patient’s KOOS score will vary from patient to patient.